1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo comes on Google Play

1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo erapid games news

If there’s something that history buffs like, that would be history themed games which allow them to enter a world of fun and excitement. This is exactly what you get with 1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo, as this is a game that places you in the middle of the war as you try to man a cannon and shoot the enemies on the battlefield, all so that you can stay alive at all times.

1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo was created with realism in mind, and because of that it provides a wide range of interesting features, that ranges from accurate cannons that can easily be upgraded the way you want to numerous characters wearing realistic uniforms as well as location geographic information that is very accurate.

1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo erapid games news

In 1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo there are no more than 7 levels to play, and each one of them is exciting as well as very fun. Not only that, but included with the game you also get a very good physics system that makes shooting the cannon a lot more fun and accurate, something that you will definitely enjoy and appreciate at all times.

The Napoleon themed game does provide a lot of fun, and with so many cannons as well as exciting missions to check, out, the game is indeed an exciting one to play. Since there are four main locations and a wide range of attacks to choose from, you are the one in complete control all the time, so make sure that you attack the right way and you will definitely appreciate the high quality results that are offered with this small game.

1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo erapid games news

Since 1815 Cannon Shooter Waterloo is offered for free, it’s a good idea to check it out right now, you will enjoy the astounding gameplay opportunities that are offered here!

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