1942 Pacific Front this year yet

1942 Pacific Front erapid games news

Handy Games are a very popular developer of strategy game, and with each one of their new titles they manage to stand out of the crowd and bring unique, exciting gameplay opportunities. Just like many of their previous games, 1942 Pacific Front is a title in which you control your troops using tiles and all the action takes place during WWII.

This time though, we can control soldiers, airplanes, naval units as well as tanks and airplanes, along many others. What makes 1942 Pacific Front particularly interesting is the fact that this time we can control the Allied forces as we try to battle the ever expanding Axis forces. You can create your own base, or you can try to acquire as many troops in order to defeat and conquer your enemies.

1942 Pacific Front erapid games news

1942 Pacific Front stands out as well through its unique set of gameplay opportunities, since it allows you to fortify position, use camouflage, drop mines and just do a wide range of neat things that you would normally do in a desktop strategy game.

Squads in 1942 Pacific Front also have special abilities as well, so it will be very cool as you try to use all of their abilities, including the naval squad, in order to get the best possible opportunities and kill enemies as you see fit.

Most of the time, this developer is known to create only premium games, so we are pretty much confident that 1942 Pacific Front will be a premium title as well, with no ads included.

1942 Pacific Front erapid games news

Will you play 1942 Pacific Front? This seems like a heck of a strategy game that changes the fantasy themed appearance with the simpler gameplay. It remains to be seen if it’s good or not upon its release, which Handy Games stated it will be “later this year”. If you want to get a taste of 1942 Pacific Front, check out the trailer below!