2048 free puzzle game review

2048 – Game Review

Puzzle games have always been exciting for users because they usually bring a lot of challenges to the table which test the brain to its limits. And while this type of games comes in different shapes and sizes, the challenge and excitement you get through these puzzles is providing all the experience you need from such a game.

2048 is such a game, and it’s mainly a title focused on rearranging some numbers on a board in order to get the desired results. What makes the game really impressive is the fact that even if it’s comprised of a very small board, the gameplay is quite exciting.

2048 erapid games review

The main objective is to use the arrow keys to move the tiles you have on the board. When you get two tiles that have the same number, they will merge into a single one. However, the whole purpose of the game is to make the tiles merge and get to the 2048 number. This type of puzzle can be really hard to solve by people that don’t play puzzle games often, yet the challenge is what puzzle game veterans are looking for when they try this game.

The main challenge for this particular title is to keep track of the way you move tiles. These can’t be moved individually, you move a block of numbers at the same time, so tracking the letters that you move can prove to be a real pain, which is certainly not something that you might expect. However, those that love a challenge will certainly have a blast with this game. While very minimalist, with simple graphics and no interesting sounds, 2048 is still some of the best games that you can find right now on the market when it comes to a simple, yet very easy to complete challenge.

2048 erapid games review

2048’s game session will finish when all the tiles on the game board are filled with numbers and you simply can’t move any of them. You don’t have any way to track any sort of score or progress, all you can do is to try the game again and again until you achieve the result. And even when you do finish the game, you won’t receive more than a simple winner screen, and the option to try again. This is a little disappointing, and it unfortunately brings the game down a little bit. Once you finish it though, you won’t want to play it again, because it doesn’t bring any new challenges expect for this one. You don’t have access to an ingame clock, which would be really nice and helpful as well.

Despite being a barebones game, with nothing else to offer other than its good, puzzling mechanic, 2048 is still a free game that can be both challenging and fun at the same time. If you want a simple game with a great puzzle mechanic which is quite hard to solve, then 2048 is the one you need.

e-Rapid Games rate: 7/10