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8infinity erapid games news

Does propelling your ball towards infinity sound like a tricky deal? Then you are in for a treat with 8infinity, because this is a game that will allow you to access such a thing immediately, in one of the most intense games you ever played. The main idea in this game is simple. The title was created in order to provide you with fast, astounding experiences and the results are one of a kind right from the start.

The best thing about 8infinity is that there are no limits, instead you can play it when and how you want, without any problem. It’s a nice thing to try and reach 8 in order to get to the next level, and the title is indeed very demanding which does add up to the experience quite a lot. There are also numerous challenges along the way which make 8infinity even more interesting and fun, not to mention that the game is nicely designed and with a solid soundtrack to make things cool the right way.

8infinity erapid games news

Since the way you pass is determined by color, the game can be difficult, especially since there are multiple color variations to deal with. The way 8infinity implements the whole gameplay is fun and you can rest assured that it’s a game well worth a try.

Should you check 8infinity out? Most definitely, as this is a fun, cool game with tons of numerous opportunities for you to take full advantage of.

8infinity erapid games news

Check 8infinity out right now, you can download it immediately on Google Play, just follow the download link below:

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  • Kamil

    Perfect game :)

  • Philip

    Great, addictive game

  • Angel

    rotation after 15 eights is brilliant