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adam and eve 2 erapid games review

Adam and Eve 2 – Game Review

We love point and click adventure games because they allow us to explore some interesting worlds, solve a lot of puzzles and just have a good time with them. Adam and Eve 2 is a cute adventure title that is both funny and quite engaging to play. In this particular game, Adam manages to escape captivity and he wanders the forest so that he can go back to his beloved Eve.

The interesting thing when it comes to Adam and Eve 2 is that the game is created in such a way that you will just have a lot of fun exploring everything it has to offer. Literally speaking, you will have the opportunity to engage in some very interesting actions that are quite different at times. For example, at some point you will have the opportunity to feed a dinosaur or help a crocodile get a shower. These simple moments literally make the whole gameplay of Adam and Eve 2 shine because not that many mobile games provide us with such unique, raw opportunities.

adam and eve 2 erapid games review

While playing, we will have the opportunity to unlock a lot of doors that will help us uncover a wide range of secrets. There are lots of puzzles to solve in the game, but their difficulty is not that high, so you will certainly have a lot of fun exploring all the game has to offer. At some point, Adam will also have to go through numerous underground passageways that can actually prove to be really perilous as they do have a lot of monsters.

We like the fact that the game enables you to use the light of the stars in order to set a fire, we actually think this is a really neat feature, especially from an adventure game. The prehistoric humans and wildlife are certainly the major perils in the game, with most of them being actually unwelcoming and rather with a rude attitude. The wildlife in the game is quite varied and you do have the opportunity to encounter some neat prehistoric animals that are recreated nicely.

adam and eve 2 erapid games review

Speaking of which, the graphical aspect of Adam and Eve 2 is very interesting, because the cartoon graphics to indeed match the game quite a lot. The characters look really funny, the backgrounds are hand painted and everything just seems to bring a high quality and great experience, despite the looks of the game that might be deceiving at first.

The soundtrack is quirky but we do enjoy it, as we feel that the title indeed does deserve the acclaim it gets from this perspective.

In the end, Adam and Eve 2 is a very funny adventure game that we definitely enjoyed playing. It has a wide range of puzzles to solve, some amazing graphics and numerous other aspects that just make it shine. If you want to play a good adventure game on your mobile phone, for free, then Adam and Eve 2 is a good option.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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