Adventure Beaks – Do it like a Penguin!

Adventure Beaks erapid games review

Adventure Beaks – Games Review

Adventure Beaks is a side-scrolling 2D platform game, and it is a great one at that! You can slide, dive, swim and belly-flop your elite squad of penguins (Think Penguins of Madagascar) through multiple challenges. The challenges basically involve avoiding obstacles and collecting artefact pieces, treasure and various dashing outfits for your penguins.

The movement mechanics in Adventure Beaks are smooth and responsive. You swipe up to jump or double swipes to jump higher and you can swipe down to dive or slide. However, learning the basic movements will not win you the game! You will have to time your jumps, dives and other actions perfectly so as to avoid dangers, like penguin predators or razor-sharp spikes. At the end of the day, you just need to get your penguin to the igloo at the very end of the journey… in one piece, that is!

Adventure Beaks erapid games review

If one penguin dies, the next one automatically takes over the job at the most recent checkpoint. This is a good point because you don’t have to start all over again from the very beginning of the level. The penguins are really cute and it may hurt a little bit inside to know that you’ve killed one of them because you’ve improperly timed a jump. They’re even given names like Christopher and Jacques, making their deaths even more personal!

Furthermore, Adventure Beaks is a game that rewards you with its high replay value. On each level, besides the treasures and valuables along the way, you’ll also come across numerous artefact pieces strewn here and there. Most of the time, it is almost impossible to get all the artefact pieces in one run. So, you can just come back again to collect them the next time. Most of the levels have branching paths, with one going up and another going down, as well. Therefore, on subsequent run-throughs, you must really search for items that you’ve missed while trying to not die in the process. Not to forget, there are also moving floors and levers that can lead to carefully hidden treasure chests or other special items too!

There are essentially eight artefact pieces to collect in every stage. Any treasure chests you collect along the run-through will also reward you with coins, power-ups and even keys that unlock new paths within each level. For power-ups, there are magnets that will help your penguin to attract valuable items when he’s running through the path. Besides that, there are also other really useful power-ups, like power beak, as well! In fact, you’d love the power beak power-up as it makes you invincible against all predators you may meet in the game.

Adventure Beaks erapid games review

Each stage is very long and is divided into numerous checkpoints. So, even if you subsequently mess up, you’ll still get to keep all of the artefacts and valuables you’ve collected on the run up to that moment. However, if you killed all five of your penguins in any of the stages, it’s game over. In spite of this, in Adventure Beaks, there isn’t any need to buy items in the in-app store. You can finish the game even without making any purchases of tokens or coins!

Lastly, Adventure Beaks is a highly addictive game, and with its huge and challenging maps to unlock and explore, there’s a lot of stuff to keep you glued to the game. There are also additional side missions that provide you the chance to unlock ridiculously cute outfits upon level completion. So, go ahead and download it now! Play it to your heart’s delight.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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