Aevana Unstoppable has been launched

aevana unstoppable erapid games news

Namco Soft is a developer that always brings new and exciting game experiences. They recently announced the release of Pac-Man Championship Edition which quickly became a cult hit thanks to the awesome gameplay, and they now announce the release of Aevana Unstoppable, an auto running action game in which you have the opportunity to face your enemies in one on one battles.

This auto running and side scrolling game is really interesting because it does bring that sense of action you rarely see in such a title. You take control or Aevana and your objective is to guide her over obstacles, attack enemies and solve tons of quests. At first the title will be pretty easy but as you progress you will immediately realize that you need to combine attacks, slides, tackles and jumps just to get safely to the next level.

aevana unstoppable erapid games news

There are quite a lot of interesting spells as well as multiple combos that you can use, and these are especially useful for those enemies that simply won’t go down that fast.

You will find thousands of coins that are scattered in the game world and these are actually really useful as they allow you to purchase upgrades, items and numerous other things. The neat thing about these is that you can also use them to skip wait timers which might prove to be a real pain, especially in the later levels of the game.

You do have the option to purchase the in-game currency with real money, but you can play without playing a dime, although progression will be much faster.

In the end, Aevana Unstoppable is one of those games that you will certainly enjoy when playing due to the beautiful graphics so if you want an action packed autorunner this game is definitely one that should be on your radar!