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THIS… IS… SPARTA!!! Age of Sparta is a strategy online game based on the famous war between the outnumbered Greeks and the overwhelming Persian forces. In this game, you play Alexander, the Spartan leader. By initially building a base to defend against Persian attacks, you will eventually go on the offensive and take on the Persians in hugely exciting offensive campaigns.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll start off with a short tutorial on how to build up the various resources, namely gold and faith, needed for your empire. Gold is important for everything in this game, including training soldiers, upgrading buildings and buying base expansions, so make sure you have enough gold at all times. Faith, on the other hand, is only needed when you are ready to enter into battles and once you get your army up and running, you’ll be doing a lot of that.

Let’s take a look at the buildings in this game! Buildings in Age of Sparta can only be constructed if the ground is green in colour, meaning that there is available space on your base for the building. If it’s red, you’ll then have to expand your base first. Base expansion costs you both gold and gems (the premium currency in the game).

Age of Sparta erapid games review

There are lots of buildings that you can build in Age of Sparta. These buildings can be divided into four main categories namely, military, income, population and faith. To earn gold and food in this game, you’ll need income buildings, such as wheat farms and vineyards so that you can use or sell the produce, while faith buildings, such as sacred ground and sanctuary will steadily generate faith for you. To increase your population, you can build clay huts and homesteads as well.

There are also many different types of military structures, like the ground of Ares that are vital to produce the elite troops that will make up your mighty army! At first you can only train mere slingers, but as you progress, you’ll have a lot more variety of fighters to train, like gorgon, satyrs, hoplites and succubus. Different units have different strengths and weaknesses and you can categorise them into types of units based on agility, toughness, magic, and premium. Not to forget, you can speed up construction of buildings by using gems too! With the persistent pop-ups that this game has to entice you to buy gems, it’s pretty hard to forget.

Age of Sparta erapid games review

Are your soldiers calling out for Persian blood? Then, it’s probably time to let them have a taste of battle! To start a campaign against the Persians, tap on the campaign icon on the right of the screen. Then, tap on each unit to place them on the battlefield and the battle commences! During battle, you can intercept incoming projectiles by slashing them to destroy the projectiles before they damage your army. You can also use support forces like catapult to rain hell down upon the enemy. The awesome animated combat scene in this game is definitely a wow factor for this game!

There is even an option for you to join an alliance with other players. After all, united we stand, divided we fall, right? To face the mighty horde such as Persians, it’s best to have some allies on your side!

In conclusion, Age of Sparta is an excellent MMORTS based on mobile devices. It is fun and challenging, and it will definitely keep you hooked for a long time. Do you have what it takes to fend off the Persians? Try the game now to find out!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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