Age of Zombies gets local coop

age of zombies erapid games news

Age of Zombies is definitely one of the most interesting, intricate games that you can play nowadays. This dual stick shooter has always pushed the boundaries thanks to the one of a kind gameplay that it provides and it always improves itself. You can even play as Abraham Lincoln now, not to mention the fact that you will be able to actually use this character to kill waves and waves of zombies. Everything is possible now, as there aren’t any limitations.

Thankfully, Age of Zombies has received even more updates and the latest one is in the form of a four player local co-op which is definitely a great improvement. The interesting thing right now is that two different persons can actually play on a single device with the help of their own controls, something that is certainly very nice.

age of zombies erapid games news

If you are one of those persons that has MFI gamepads then you will rejoice to find out that you can actually connect one and up to four to your iPad so you can defeat waves and waves of zombies with your friends.

Another neat feature now is that thanks to the iOS 8 AirPlay and the HDMI output which has been greatly improved now you can actually play on your TV.

We are thrilled to see that Age of Zombies is always improving and becoming even more appealing. Since a lot of us like killing zombies virtually in the spare time, this is one of the few games that actually provide us with the possibility to do this really easy and without too much hassle.

It’s recommended that you do try this game and see for yourself how good and addictive the whole gameplay can be. We certainly recommend it to anyone that wants a lot of fun, and thanks to the new update you can easily share the fun and excitement with your friends.