Agent Dash receives Dash Another Day update

Agent Dash erapid games news

Agent Dash is a very fun endless running game that brings in some espionage ideas and other cool stuff, but it presents them in a highly interesting and very innovative way. The best thing about the game is that it always managed to bring a wide range of levels and missions, but now it has received a new update named Dash Another Day which seems that it will take the series to a whole new level.

What do we get with this new update? To be honest, a ton of stuff! We receive new characters, which are the kids of our agent, and at the same time the game also receives a massive boost for the graphics as the means to maximize the power of these devices, which is really nice.

Moreover, Agent Dash brings in new, remastered levels, as well as twisting worlds, new hazards and other cool stuff that you are bound to like for sure.

Agent Dash erapid games news

There are many missions, tons of special objectives that you can complete as well as bonus outfits, perks and other cool stuff for the characters, which is really cool to be honest.

It seems that the menus and leaderboards also received a makeover and now they are more practical, which is always a great thing to do.

Agent Dash erapid games news

It’s important to note that the graphics are now full HD, which is a very good thing, but at the same time the game does a great job in keeping the gameplay intact, which is really nice to be honest.

Overall, this new update brings in even more things to make you come back and play. We think that now Agent Dash literally offers you the complete, fun package you always wanted, so go ahead and check it out, it’s a great addition to a great series!

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