Agents of Storm

agents of storm erapid games news

Remedy Entertainment is a studio that has created countless interesting games over the years, with some of the best being Death Rally as well as Alan Wake, among others. Recently, they started working on a new game for the iOS platform, named Agents of Storm and they have released it a few days ago.

agents of storm erapid games news

In this game you have the opportunity to take command of your own base and create your naval force that can be used to destroy a corporation. Agents of Storm is focused more on the singleplayer experience and it allows you to build a base according to your wishes. The main goal, as you would expect, is to create a base that is powerful enough to withstand damage from enemies, but we also need to focus on the offensive as well. In fact, the better the attack force, the higher the chances to win.

Social media is integrated within the game, and you can use it to gain help from your friends when it comes to building your base. Battles in Agents of Storm are very fun to watch, and you will have a blast as you try to explore everything that the game tries to offer. In fact, the cinematic aspect of all these battles is good enough to make you play for hours and hours, because you always get to find new and spectacular as you play.

agents of storm erapid games news

You also have the option to include numerous upgrades into your fleet, which can help you become a higher threat to your opponents. Agents of Storm is the latest game that includes the iOS 8, so the title looks astonishing. You can grab the game right away from the iTunes App Store, it’s free to play and very fun as well.

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