Alien Creeps TD – Creepy Extermination

Alien Creeps TD erapid games review

Alien Creeps TD – Games Review

Alien creeps, led by the mighty Haxor, have invaded Earth in this exciting and challenging tower defence game, Alien Creeps, and you are humanity’s last hope to stop them! Are you up to the task?

Being a tower defence game, Alien Creeps TD has a variety of towers for you to build! They include machine gun, rocket, laser and infantry towers. Infantry towers will spawn 3 soldiers per tower and they function primarily to slow creeps down. Machine gun towers do the least amount of damage, but it has a higher rate of fire than the other towers, making it an excellent choice for taking down fast moving creeps. Rocket towers and laser towers, on the other hand, fire much more slowly, but they deal a good deal of damage, especially when rockets can take out large groups of enemies in one shot, while lasers specialises in cutting through shielded enemies. These towers can be built using energy points collected from fallen creeps.

There is also a tesla tower in certain levels. These towers cannot be built by players, but you can use them to manually target a group of creeps to give them all a good shock of their lives! You’ll have wait for the tower to recharge (it’s pretty fast) between use. Tesla towers have limited uses per level as well, so it is wise to save them up for emergencies only!

Alien Creeps TD erapid games review

Furthermore, you are also given control over a hero, named Flak. You can easily move him around the screen by tapping to select and tapping again to move. When he sees the enemy, Flak will automatically start shooting. Heroes are important in this game as hero kills, unlike tower kills, will earn you some coins and you’ll need these coins to upgrade your towers. Not to mention, you’ll also earn coins at the end of every level… provided that you made it through the round!

Heroes in Alien Creeps can be levelled up so that they can gain new awesome abilities as well as pieces of armour to equip (up to 5 pieces). However, despite the fact that you can add a maximum of 2 heroes per level in this game, you are only given 1 hero for free. If you want to get other heroes, such as Roxie or Skybolt, you will have to shell out some real cash instead.

With real money, you can also speed up your game progress in Alien Creeps. For instance, if you can spare some real money, you can skip through all the hassle of waiting for tower upgrades to complete and get straight into alien killing! However, once you get the necessary upgrades, you can then upgrade your towers in your next game to make them much more powerful!

Alien Creeps TD erapid games review

Moreover, you can also call in reinforcements to slow down groups of enemies as well as airstrikes to pulverize big waves of creeps. However, you are only given 20 of them for free and if you want more, you’ll have to spend money to buy them.

The game contains a total of 15 levels for you to enjoy. Each level has 3 difficulty modes, namely normal, veteran and spec ops. You can only obtain a maximum of 3 stars for normal and an extra star each for veteran and spec ops modes, making the total number of stars per level 5. There are also achievements that you can collect by playing the game!

In short, if you enjoy playing challenging tower defence games on your mobile devices, then Alien Creeps is the perfect game for you! Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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