Alien Isolation gameplay walkthrough by PewDiePie

alien isolation erapid video

One of the scarriest survival horrors is out! We are talking about Alien Isolation of course.

The game is about Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, who got informed that the flight recorder of the Nostromo spaceship has been located. This gives her hope of finding her mother, so she follows the trail. It leads her to the Sevastopol Station owned by the Seegson Corporation. Unfortunately, it’s only getting worse once she gets there. The crew is almost all destroyed, and Amanda is stuck with a xenomorph following her. The alien can’t be killed, so the only way to survive is to run and hide. A flashlight and a motion tracker are both very helpfull here.

PewDiePie is very excited about Alien Isolation and has a lot to explore (and a lot of being scared 😉

The game was released for PC, XBOX 360, XBO, PS3, and PS4 on 4th of October, 2014.

P. S. The first of five DLCs – Corporate Lockdown has been released a few days ago and offers some interesting experience!