Angry Birds 2 now availble worldwide

Angry Birds 2 erapid games news

After 15 games in which some or all of the birds were used to create new concepts and bring in a lot of fun to the audiences, Angry Birds 2 is now coming in and it brings a ton of cool levels with it as well,.

The game is available right now on Android as well as iOS and it offers you more than 200 different levels that you can play, each one with a wide range of cool, interesting mechanics for you to enjoy. What makes this game special is the fact that they have improved the overall looks exponentially, but at the same time some new ideas such as interesting gameplay opportunities have surfaced, and that is really nice to say the least.

Angry Birds 2 erapid games news

Angry Birds 2 is focused a lot on the use of special tools but at the same time it includes the use of cards, which are nicely implemented, offering you a lot of convenience along the way.

With Angry Birds 2 you don’t have to worry about challenges, because there are plenty of pig bosses that you need to face, and each one brings immense opportunities along the way. You will love the diversity of all levels, the amazing graphics, unique visual effects and all these great features that combine and which are brought to life in one of the most diverse and interesting manners possible.

Angry Birds 2 erapid games news

It’s a great day for Angry Birds lovers, and definitely a wonderful thing for all of us that love such games. You definitely need to give the game a shot, they are amazing and well worth your time!

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