Angry Birds Fight comes to Google Play

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Angry Birds is a great series, but lately it seems that they have a hard time understanding and finding a purpose for the whole series. They went to bubble shooters to puzzles, epic questing and now, with Angry Birds Fight, we are introduced to the match 3 world. The game does a great job when it comes to showcasing a new side of our fun birds and it’s just an amazing display of agility as a whole, since our feathered friends will fight against each other in intense, fun battles powered by us.

The challenge comes from the fact that you can play with others from all over the globe and you also get complete access to a wide range of power-ups that you can attack whenever you want. Gamers can also check out bonuses as they play, by matching multiple items at the same time. The special powers are really nice from both a visual and functional perspective, something that makes the experience very fun and memorable as a whole.

As you fight you can acquire experience, accessorize your characters and customize them as you see fit. You even have the ability to gain coins that can be used for upgrades and other cool stuff.

angry birds fight erapid games news

Angry Birds Fight comes with the astounding match three experience that you would expect, but at the same time it’s also very interesting and professional as a whole, so you are bound to like this right from the start.

This is a wonderful game to check out and, in true Angry Birds fashion, you get a ton of content that you will enjoy for sure. From great accessories to numerous other customization options and a great gameplay, Angry Birds Fight is indeed a great game to check out, so give it a try!

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