Angry Birds Space receives mirror world update

angry birds space erapid games news

Angry Birds Space is a very fun and interesting game, but it is quite old. Still, recently, Rovio thought it would be great for the game to receive some new content and this is how the Brass Hogs episode comes into play. This episode is placing you in a battle against the Hektor Porko villain. However, there isn’t only a single level, instead you have close to 30 different levels, so it’s very interesting to see how the game will pan out with new ideas and challenges.

angry birds space erapid games news

Speaking of that, it seems that Angry Birds Space will also come with daily challenges from now on, and that is definitely an interesting thing if you take into consideration the rewards that you can receive.

Given the fact that the game does receive updates often, it’s nice to see that now we can engage in exploring the mirror world and enjoy the mirror world counterpart of a level each time you get 3 stars on it.

angry birds space erapid games news

This update brings us closer to the 260 levels mark in the game, which in our opinion is a lot. Still, Angry Birds Space is offering a wonderful variety of games and you will appreciate the outcome for sure if you are a fan of the series, so if you wanted a reason to go back and play the Angry Birds Space experience, then now you definitely got one.

It’s important to know that the mirror world versions are much harder than the normal ones, which does require you to put a lot of strategic thinking into the game if you want great results, and you will enjoy this a lot, we are sure of that. So, check out Angry Birds Space right away!

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