Angry Birds Stella – new game… really?

angry birds stella game review erapid

Angry Birds Stella – Game Review

Angry Birds is by far one of the most popular games on the mobile platforms and that has translated into a lot of titles being released for the popular franchise. The latest entry in the series, named Angry Birds Stella allows us to take the role of the cute pink bird and follow her in an amazing adventure that we never saw before.

The gameplay remains the same like in the original angry birds, although this time each bird comes with a certain set of abilities that certainly make the game feel more rewarding and refreshing, which is definitely a nice touch.

angry birds stella game review erapid

You have five birds to choose from this time, and they are Dahlia, Willow, Stella, Poppy and Luca. The special abilities can be used simply by pressing and holding the power button in order to aim and get the special attack. The slowdown then speed up mechanic comes in handy especially since the level design does seem to be quite intricate to say the least. The enemies are still pigs, although this time they do have quite some interesting contraptions so it will be really hard to defeat them.

These abilities are really fresh and they do add a lot to the original formula. Also, you get the option to unlock additional items as you collect stars. Just like in the other games, you can get up to 3 stars for each level, and these points are really important because if you get few stars you get fewer birds for the next levels, which not only reduces the top score that you can get, but it also makes the game a lot more difficult. With some practice you can get three stars in most levels, but these are quite difficult to begin with.

If you do manage to get a lot of stars, you can easily use these in the game. As expected, Angry Birds Stella does bring complete support for the telepods which can be purchased separately.

Angry Birds Stella comes with a play for a little while then pay for more technique which might be a little game breaking.

angry birds stella game review erapid

Graphically, this game is simply astonishing, and we dare to say that it’s one of the best looking casual games on the mobile platforms. The animations for the birds and the pigs are just amazing and even the backgrounds look stunning, which is definitely a plus.

When it comes to sound, the music is just generic and forgettable. The sounds effects are a little nicer, but in the end they aren’t something to remember as well. This means that the core thing here is the gameplay which is quite amazing.

In the end, Angry Birds Stella is indeed an enjoyable game that you will certainly like. It shines when it comes to graphics and gameplay, but the other elements seem to be a little worrying. Even so, the title is really fun and cute, so those that want a relaxing experience should definitely give it a try.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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