Angry Birds Transformers releases for the iOS

angry birds transformers erapid games news

We all know and love the Angry Birds series, so finding out that the franchise expands is very nice. While we received the Angry Birds Stella title last month which tackled the notion of a normal Angry Birds, today we witnessed the release of the 10th game in the franchise, named Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers is unlike Stella or many of the games that were released recently, since it’s basically a side scroller and shoot-em-up title, something that you don’t see that often, especially in a coveted franchise such as this one. But we do see that the Angry Birds series likes to take risks, and the release of this title shows us that the franchise is still alive and kicking.

angry birds transformers erapid games news

The game has a very interesting plot, which basically says that the EggSpark has arrived on the Pig Island, turning all creatures into transformers, so the Deceptihogs and Autobirds need to work together in order to defeat the prime evil.

Angry Birds Transformers’s goal still remains to eliminate pigs in the levels, but the major goal this time is to survive through the level. There are some levels though that will unlock only when you kill a certain number of pigs, so doing that is recommended, even if it’s a side objective so to speak.

Since this is a Transformers game at heart, you will be able to transform your bird between the robot and vehicle form at your own pace without a problem. The game will also make use of telepods, which aren’t a first in the series, as they were also a vivid part of previous games in the franchise such as Angry Birds Go and Star Wars II. Overall, this game is set to become one of the best titles in the series, especially if it will receive more levels in the long run!

angry birds transformers erapid games news