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Angry Birds – Game Review

Casual games are meant to be fun, but most of them tend to get boring after a while, with players forgetting them soon after. That’s why many of them don’t really get to have a solid player base. This is what makes Angry Birds a very impressive title, because this game simply raised casual gaming to new heights and it even has a cult status amongst puzzle gamers.

All you have to do in Angry Birds is to defeat the pigs on each map by throwing some birds at them. The gameplay expands quite a lot on this idea and it offers you countless ways to defeat your enemies.

angry birds erapid games review

There are numerous categories of birds, each one with a certain type of attack. Some birds split in three, others throw ice shards while others become larger when you tap on them. This large amount of variety is really what makes the gameplay really fun and unique, since you can use a different combination of birds in order to tackle each level. This game mechanics brings you a lot of strategic choices that can be made at your own pace, which is great.

The enemies (pigs) are quite fun because they are heavily animated and most the time will make the whole experience really intricate. You can find pigs in boxes sometimes, which literally make the whole gameplay a lot harder, because you need to crush the box on them, something that can be quite hard to do.

angry birds erapid games review

Physics in Angry Birds are definitely fun and impressive, since each level will bring you new challenges and strategies you need to be aware of. There are more than 500 of levels which you can play, all of them included in a set of levels with a different theme. To make things even more interesting, Angry Birds brings comic-book style intros to each level set which literally entice you to play even more.

However, the gameplay requires a lot of strategic thinking, especially in the later levels. You might win a lot of levels based on luck alone, which might not be a strong point of the game, but on the other hand this attracts a lot of gamers to the experience.

Graphically this game is astonishing, as the interface is clean, the animations are fluid and the backgrounds are diverse, giving a sense of fun and excitement. Angry Birds excels when it comes to character creation, as both the birds and enemies are really funny. They will drive you to play for hours and hours without getting bored.

angry birds erapid games review

Angry Birds has spawned a large number of sequels and it still is one of the most popular mobile game franchises to date, which tells a lot when it comes to the quality of these games.

In the end, Angry Birds is one of the best mobile puzzle games. The high quality, fun, appealing gameplay as well as lots of challenges you encounter in the game will make you play for hours and hours, so if you want a solid title with hundreds of levels and diversity, then you really need to try Angry Birds as fast as possible.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9.5/10