Build your own empire with Anno: Build an Empire right now on Android

Anno: Build an Empire erapid games news

If there is a certain strategy game genre that appeals to everyone, this would most definitely be empire builders. Despite the fact that this require a lot of time and effort, nothing can be better than just playing such a game and exploring the astounding possibilities that come from such a game. This is why many consider the Anno series as being one of the best on PC in this regard, and Anno: Build an Empire brings that awesomeness on mobile.

In Anno: Build an Empire you can create your empire one building at a time, you can manage resources as you see fit and become a city planner unlike ever before. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to create your own fleet and design the city the way you want.

Anno: Build an Empire erapid games news

You can also create alliances with your friends and create resources or even chat with other players and engage in diplomacy. The game offers a ton of stuff to go through and it’s certainly one of the most impressive builders you can find right now, especially on mobile.

There are in-app purchases there, but the fact that the base game is free more than makes up for it. You can invite your friends to join the gam as you see fit, you can harvest items and do a ton of other great things. All of these combined manage to provide you with a stellar appeal and you will certainly be able to design he city you always wanted, then nurture it even while on the go. Even if you are not a fan of city builders, Anno: Build an Empire provides you with exactly what you would like from a game, great content, nice visuals and lasting value.

Anno: Build an Empire erapid games news

You can download Anno: Build an Empire from Google Play right away and check it out, but be aware that it’s a rather large download. Follow the link below to get it!

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