Anomaly Defenders gets released on Google Play

Anomaly Defenders erapid games review

The Anomaly series has receive critical appraise after its release and to no avail, as the titles here brought us a new and exciting tower defense experience that we all enjoyed. While Anomaly Defenders was, until now, a PC game, now we can finally have it on Android as well, a definite shift of pace from the developers.

anomaly defense erapid games news

Anomaly Defenders places us for the first time on the shoes of the aliens, as in this final installment in the series we need to defend the alien homeworld from the human invasion that is under way. The interesting thing about this game is that it still retains the original tower offense mechanics that we all know and love, only this time it shifts directions as the humans are no longer the ones we need to protect. The game comes with 24 levels filled with mayhem and destruction, as well as 8 towers which can be upgraded at our own pace.

Anomaly Defenders successfully manages to bring a new and intense way to welcome hardcore and new gamers alike, thanks to the three interesting difficulty levels that are presented into the game.

anomaly defense erapid games news

Now we also gain the power to boost and fix towers thanks to the functions like explode, repair, rage and many, many others.

The Android version of Anomaly Defenders has been awaited for quite a long time, but thankfully now we can play our favorite game on mobile as well. We can now change the movement plan of the humans, guide them towards a different region and kill them thanks to the powerful weapons. Nothing can stop you when it comes to Anomaly Defenders, and that’s what it makes it such a great game. The tech tree as well as numerous other addition will definitely bring you lots of joy, which is really nice. You can grab the game right now on Google Play.