Another Dream – Not only a Nightmare

Another Dream erapid games review

Another Dream – Games Review

Another Dream is a truly unique game by Sirocco Mobile that succinctly describes the psychedelic world of dreams. As you progress in the game, you’ll collect fragments of stories and piece them up to form the backbone of the plot in the game. For the gaps in between, well, it’s up to you to use your imagination and dream those parts up yourself!

What you’ll have to do in this game is to link all the same elements of dreams using ‘dream line’. In other words, you’ll need to connect all the same elements together using your finger! Every successful connection will earn you mana points (in-game currency), which you can use to cast spells that can slow down the time for a few seconds or even remove every dream on the board while playing. You could also save them up to upgrade or ‘charm’ your spells, or to buy new ones at the Fantasy Stall instead! The longer the dream line you draw as well as the more elements you connect, the more mana you’ll get!

Another Dream erapid games review

Although there are several rules to the game, the rules are all very simple. First of all, you mustn’t let any element collide with each other or with the dream lines you’ve drawn or you won’t earn any mana points. You are allowed to press on an element to ‘hold’ it as you wait for another same element to show up in order to link them together. Furthermore, each successful connection that fits the level objective will fill up the ‘good energy’ meter while every element you missed will fill up the ‘bad energy’ meter. Obviously, you mustn’t let the bad meter fill up faster than the good one or you’ll lose the game!

There are also special dreams that you will either have to collect or avoid in this game. For instance, nightmares are wraith-like dreams that moves fast and will disrupt your dream lines and elements, while dandelion dreams are the fluffy dreams that you will need to tap to collect, instead of the usual link to collect. Dandelion dreams will earn you mana points as well!

Another Dream offers levels after levels of gameplay that are absolutely refreshing due to the varying level objectives! For example, in some games, you’ll need to survive for a certain period of time, while in others you’ll need to collect a specific amount of mana points to proceed. Sometimes, you are required to connect an ‘X’ number of dreams and on others, you’ll need to tap on a certain number of dandelions!

Another Dream erapid games review

Not to mention, the game also offers a range of challenging mini-games, including ‘take a nap’ whereby you’ll need to collect as many dandelion dreams as you can, ‘take a slumber’ in which you’ll need to get as many mana as you can, and challenges (52 of them in total) that will test your dream linking skills to its limit by asking you to complete objectives with limited number of moves! There’s also an endless dream mode that you can enjoy as well!

Another Dream is definitely one of the best free-to-play game apps out there. It is extremely fun and addictive, and yet there are absolutely no in-app purchases. Everything is available to its players and a donate button is, instead, provided if you enjoyed the game so and wanted to support the developers. Not to forget, the game is filled with amazing artwork that you can further admire at its dream gallery. This is one free game you mustn’t miss out! Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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