Arcane Legends receives a new update

Those that love MMORPGs on mobile definitely know Arcane Legends, as this is one of the most interesting and exciting games in this genre. This allows people to, once again, enjoy the extraordinary gameplay opportunities offered by a large game world with a lot of variety, but it seems that the title receives a new update, which makes things even more interesting this time.

The new update is called Rage of Ren’gol and it’s basically coming with a game event, although it also brings in some extraordinary changes to the already great title.

In order to open the expansion, you will need to participate to an event that requires them to rebuild a ton which was assaulted by orcs. The event is time limited, which is quite interesting to be honest, but this manages to bring in quite some interesting opportunities. Once the issue with the town is solved, people will be able to access the new zone and content without a problem.

Arcane Legends erapid games news

So, what does the new Arcane Legends update bring in? First, it manages to provide no less than three new, quite difficult dungeons as well as some new interesting fantasy races and other cool stuff. It’s also bringing in a lot of new loot, in fact there are hundreds of new items just waiting to be crafted, equipped and worn.

The players will be able to level up to 41 instantly thanks to a premium character, an interesting feature considering that not everyone is inclined to play the game this way.

Arcane Legends erapid games news

There will also be an in-game immortality that will be brought by the players and other stuff, so there’s indeed a lot to be had in this regard.

All in all, the update is quite massive and interesting, you will enjoy it for sure. The update is now live and you can access it right now on Google Play!

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