Arcanox Cards vs Castles out now on Google Play

Arcanox: Cards vs Castles erapid games news

It has been a while since a good castle defense game came out on Android, and this is exactly where Arcanox Cards vs Castles will come into play! This nice little game is a tiny download but at the same time it manages to provide more fun and excitement than the AAA titles, which is really cool!

Arcanox: Cards vs Castles erapid games news

The main idea behind Arcanox Cards vs Castles is that the title successfully manages to blend collectible cards, as well as combat strategy MMOs and tower defense mechanics into a, cohesive package that you are bound to like!

In Arcanox Cards vs Castles you can create your own deck that can include up to 300 minions and spell cards, but at the same time you can also design your own fortress and at the same time defend it form the enemy forces.


The TCG elements immediately come into play because you focus on having the best possible defense against the enemies. What makes Arcanox Cards vs Castles stand out is definitely the variety that the game provides through the card mechanics, but at the same time the simple ability to insert traps, create enchantments and so on surely manages to make the game stand out and make you play for more and more time.

Arcanox: Cards vs Castles erapid games news

Not only that, but there’s also a PVP component added into the game alongside the singleplayer battles, in which you can engage in battle with people from all over the world.

As you can see, the Arcanox Cards vs Castles game surely manages to provide a wide range of interesting opportunities, and it’s definitely one of those games that you can rely on. It’s fun, exciting and well worth a shot, so check it out now, it’s live on Google Play.

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