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archery erapid games review casual

Archery – Game Review

Skill games have always been some of the best ways that people can use to differentiate each other. Even from prehistoric and medieval time, people were always keen on competition, and that’s exactly where the skill was mainly used. Many of us know by Robin Hood and his amazing legend and being able to recreate it with the help of an Android game is something really interesting. Archery is a game that tries to bring us some of the excitement of shooting a bow and arrow.

Right from the start you can see that Archery comes with a very simple interface where all you have to do is to test your shooting skills. You get a target which is usually situated at random heights and you will control a catapult with the main purpose of shooting the target in the middle in order to get the highest amount of points that you possibly can. Rest assured though this is easier said than done, because getting the target just right can be quite challenging, especially in the beginning.

archery erapid games review casual

Shooting the bow is easy, all you have to do is to draw it back, aim at the center of the target and once that is done all that remains is to shoot the arrow. All rests on your shoulders when it comes to how well you choose the direction, but there are some precise physics effect that do bring a lot of charisma for the game, something that is really nice indeed.

A single game session allows you to shoot 20 arrows, and the more you get to place in the middle of the target, the higher your score will be. Shooting the center of the board will provide you with a bonus arrow which can help you gather even more points, and that is really nice indeed.

archery erapid games review casual

We found Archery to be a very good game for all of us that want to increase their concentration. Not only that, but Archery also makes it easy for you to compete with people from all over the world in order to gain the highest scores. Yes, it’s a very challenging game at times, especially if you want to be some of the best people in the world that are currently playing it.

The 5 game modes brought by the game are a nice refresher and you will certainly enjoy what the game has to offer. The Google Play game services integration provides a nice way to keep track of your progress and achievements, and this is really nice indeed.

In conclusion, Archery is one of the most interesting skill games that you can find on the Android platform. Very easy to play, exciting and definitely a lot of fun, Archery is certainly one of the best titles when it comes to some basic arcade action!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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