Archie Slobby Kid – like a child

Archie Slobby Kid erapid games review

Archie Slobby Kid – Games Review

A fun game doesn’t always have to weight dozens of gigabytes or have fancy graphics, a simple arcade game with lots of interesting game mechanics will almost always do the trick just right. Archie Slobby Kid comes with just the right opportunity to test your skills and improve them, thanks to a very simple, unique and appealing gameplay.

The whole idea behind the game is that you play the role of Archie, a baby whose only pastime is to grab and eat things. All you will need to do in order to play the game is to drag the items towards Archie as fast as possible. There is a catch though, which comes from the fact that the parents are going to take the items away so you need to be very fast in order to grab them as fast as possible.

Archie Slobby Kid erapid games review

As you progress through the game, you will have to face that fact that Archie will want more and more items, so the challenge is definitely there. The downside however is that the parents will also try to become more persistent, which will lead you to more training sessions as you try to get more and more items.

Archie Slobby Kid brings a very appealing gameplay that is suitable for both kids and adults alike. You will definitely enjoy everything that the game has to offer thanks to the intuitive, touch based controls and the numerous challenges that come in your way. Archie will be very happy if you provide him with more items, so you will definitely enjoy training your skills in order to become even better at what you do.

The game includes multiple sounds that differ based on how good you perform in the game. If you gather a lot of items, you will keep Archie happy, whereas if you don’t get enough, he will be angry and he won’t sound good at all.

Graphically, Archie Slobby Kid doesn’t look impressive, but in the end this is a game with and for kids, so you won’t need to expect amazing graphics. Instead, the game looks pretty good considering its audience, and that is all which matters in the end.

Archie Slobby Kid erapid games review

Quick moves and smart thinking will help you get further and further into the game. Additionally, Archie Slobby Kid brings a ton of interiors, dozens of items to pick on the game board, as well as real-life physics that will make the game even more interesting. Throwing objects is plain fun and you will definitely have the ability to do that without a problem.

As an addendum, you should be wary that the game brings dozens of hats that can be collected, which is yet another incentive to try it. From our experience, this is a game that’s well worth getting, so if you want a fun game with lots of replay value, Archie Slobby Kid might very well be the one that you need!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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