Asphalt Overdrive – endless running experience

asphalt overdrive erapid games review

Asphalt Overdrive – Game Review

The Asphalt series has always been about fast cars and controlling the racing grounds, so whenever a new title from the series is released the expectations are definitely high. However, Asphalt Overdrive is a little different when compared to the other entries mainly because instead of being a normal racing game where you compete with others for the grand prize, you actually receive an endless running game similar to Temple Run for example.

Rest assured though that this is not a bad thing at all. In fact, the title is more action packed than its predecessors mainly because your are always on the run and you need to pay even more attention to the road.

asphalt overdrive erapid games review

This is a great thing about Asphalt Overdrive, you explore a 1980’s depiction of California so there are lots of action packed moments, most of them suitable for a Miami Vice moment. All cars are accelerating automatically in this game, but you can’t control their direction, as they are going on a predetermined path, which is a disappointment for the longtime fans of the series. You do have three lanes to switch on, but you always go forward and perform stunts if possible. There is a possibility to ram civilian vehicles or do stunts in order to get nitrous, and this will help you to complete the level even faster.

We liked the fact that despite being an endless running game, Asphalt Overdrive does pay complete attention to the era, and it brings 30 different car types. Additionally, you do have the opportunity to engage in unique battles against 4 bosses, which is a nice change of pace to change the least. While beating the boss once is enough to progress through the game, if you choose to battle him one more you will have the unique opportunity to get his car and play with it. As expected, the boss cars are very good so beating them will definitely be a challenge, but it’s one that only adds up to the game’s value.

Asphalt Overdrive comes with 7 different mission types which include things such as avoiding obstacles, defeating bosses or escaping the cops, among many others.

asphalt overdrive erapid games review

There are numerous upgrades that you can add to your car, and all of them will allow you to improve your car to the point where you can easily complete all challenges that come in your way.

Asphalt Overdrive comes with a great set of visuals, something that you would expect from the series by now. It’s not the high level of detail that we saw in Asphalt 8 for example, as the game goes for a different theme this time, but it’s definitely a neat visual experience.

In summary, Asphalt Overdrive is by far one of the most interesting endless running experience that you can get on Android. It’s action packed, filled with numerous challenges and you will enjoy the end result. We recommend it  to anyone that’s looking for a different racing game and an exciting experience.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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