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Astro Run – Games Review

The happy yet unlikely couple, the cow and the spaceship, was having a picnic of sorts on a barren orangey planet… that is until an alien spaceship decided to drop in on them and kidnapped the spaceship’s beloved cow. Now, fuelled by rage and the need to save his beloved from the aliens, the spaceship is determined to do whatever it takes to save her… and he’ll need your help!

There are basically 2 types of controls in Astro Run that you can choose from. You can select to tilt your device to navigate your spaceship or you can choose to use touch. For touch, the screen will be split into two sections and by tapping on either the left or right side of your screen, you can move your spaceship accordingly.

Astro Run erapid games review

Of course, space is not as empty as most people think. In Astro Run, you’ll need to rely on quick reflexes and your wit to navigate the spaceship safely through fields of obstacles, such as asteroids, as the spaceship attempt to pursue the alien spacecraft. If your spaceship ran into a couple of these asteroids, well, the hull of the ship will still hold. But don’t get cocky and decide to carve a path of your own through the asteroid fields, your spaceship won’t be able to handle the damage and will explode!

Considering that some of the asteroid fields can be really tough to get through without a scratch, Astro Run provides randomly generated power-ups that you can collect by moving your spaceship over them. One such example is the “c”-like power-up. Once collected, your spaceship will be granted invulnerability for a short period of time. Do make the most of that power-up before the time runs out! As you progress, you’ll even reach a place in space where the aliens retaliate (nobody likes being followed after all) by shooting massive blots of lasers. You’ll need to avoid these at all costs.

Astro Run erapid games review

While you’re trying not to destroy the spaceship, you will also need to collect the stars or any other items as required by the game objective along the way. Why the need to complete the game objective? Well, you can earn extra stars by completing objectives and also unlock new features, such as the various types of customizations for your spaceship. The stars you’ve painstakingly collected can then be used to purchase the customization options available. For instance, you can use the stars obtained to repaint your spaceship in a different colour or you can even buy cool pictures to be used as your spaceship’s body design. If you need more stars, you can always spend some real cash to buy more or watch the video adverts available to earn some for free.

To sum up the review, despite the rather nonsensical storyline, Astro Run is a challenging and fun arcade game to play. Older players may even be reminded of the good old days when arcade games were all the rage! If you want to get an app that allows you to fit in a couple of quick games within a short span of time, Astro Run is definitely the game for you. Try it now!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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