Atypical Game launches Radiation Island next week for iOS

We all know the games Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy, but when it comes to the guys behind it, there are rarely any articles or mentions about. These great games have been created by Atypical Game, and they are coming in full force next week with a whole new game that spans with a very interesting and somehow amusing idea.

Named Radiation Island, this is a survival game that comes with a twist, since its whole action takes place in an alternate, eerie reality in which you need to survive for as long as possible.

radiation island

Since Radiation Island is a survival game at heart, most of the time we will need to explore the game world, find or hunt for food, get equipment, treasure, weaponry and just about everything that might be needed. The game world seems be one of the hardest to survive in, and thus we will have to deal with a ton of problems. From mutant zombies to harsh weather and even radiation, there are a ton of things to take into account, and thus the game experience is set to be varied thanks to them.

Yes, there are few details about the game as of yet, but the developers did manage to provide an insightful and massive game world. For now, they have released a trailer that does show a few of the game ideas and mechanics, but if you think that you want to place your hands on the game now, then you just need to wait until next week, as that is when the title will come out on iOS.

Is this a game worth playing? Although we do need to wait its release for that, Radiation Island seems like a Fallout-esque game, so you are bound to like it for sure. This is one game you might like if you are into survival games, so mark your next week’s calendar for its release! You can watch a trailer for the game below.