Badland – dark and beautiful

badland e-rapid games review

Badland Game Review

Side scrolling games are some of the most popular genres you can find in the gaming world thanks to the intense action they provide. This genre usually works really well on its own, but the developers at Frogmind went one step forward and created a game named Badland that successfully combines the mechanics of a side-scroller with an infinite running game. What might sound at first like a crazy idea it’s actually one of the most intricate, unique experiences that you can find on the mobile game market.

badland e-rapid games review

At its core, Badland is built around the idea of adaptation. You control the round bird through various types of environments, each one with its own set of challenges. The main goal in this game is simple, and that is the ultimate survival. You need to try to reach the end of the level as fast as possible, without hitting anything, as you will lose precious time. Even if the levels aren’t timed, this is where the infinite running mechanic comes in, so if you don’t move, you will exit the game through the left side of the screen.

What’s really appealing in Badland’s gameplay is that instead of sticking with the infinite running mechanics, the game successfully manages to innovate. As you explore the vast game world, you will have the opportunity to solve numerous puzzles and avoid lots of dangers that range from falling rocks to rotating enemies. All of these create a world that’s very challenging, yet immensely appealing.

The gameplay mechanic is simple, you just have to tap on the screen in order to fly. The more you tap, the higher you will get. Of course, each level takes complete advantage of the mechanic in a unique way, but the main idea is that you always need to complete the track without mistakes. Level difficulty escalates exponentially, and while the first few levels help you get accustomed with the game, the latter ones can be quite challenging as they will require numerous restarts before you can complete them.

badland e-rapid games review

Power-ups are one of the most important items you can find in the world of Badland. These can be scattered literally anywhere in the levels, sometimes they might even be hidden. They can either make you larger, smaller, move faster or provide you with numerous other abilities.

Your main goal in Badland is to save as many fliers as possible from the map. As you might expect, the fliers are usually placed in hard to reach areas on the map, so it can be quite tricky to get them all, but that’s where the replayability factor comes in. Even if you manage to solve all the puzzles and complete all the levels in Badland, you can easily replay levels in order to get the perfect score in all of them.

Additionally, there aren’t any instructions to tell you exactly what items in the game world are dangerous, and which one of them is helpful.

Badland comes with a set of 90 different levels, structured in multiple stacks. It also feature a cooperative mode where you can play with your friends as you try to catch all the clones in the level or, if you like competitive play, you can access the multiplayer that pits you against people from all over the world that try to gain the best place on the leaderboards. The multiplayer experience is very fun, as you will enjoy racings against your friends or even random people from the web.

badland e-rapid games review

Graphically, Badland is a masterpiece. The backgrounds are hand drawn and the game simply looks astonishing from the beginning to the end. The artwork is so great that sometimes you can hardly mistake a background item for an in-game one. Badland’s visual experience translates seamlessly into a unique, appealing and exciting gameplay. The character models are amazing and all animations are fluid. The soundtrack is quite interesting, with multiple genres mixed into a single playlist.

Badland doesn’t have any in-game interface, other than the Pause button, so the immersion factor is really high.

In the end, Badland is a state of the art example on how beautiful hand-drawn level design, a combination of gaming genres and a stellar soundtrack can be mixed together into a wonderful, appealing package. If you want to experience a mobile game that’s different from the rest, then Badland is definitely the title you are looking for.

e-Rapid Games Rate: 9/10