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Balance 3D – Games Review

Skill games can sometimes be hard to pull off by developers, since they usually need to bring a very fun game mechanic. Even so, not all skill games can bring an exciting gameplay, yet thankfully Balance 3D manages to go past this barrier and offer one of the best skill game experiences you can find on a mobile device.

The game is comprised out of 31 different levels, each one being created in the form of a maze that has everything from unstable pieces to locations that are affected by gravity and so on. This is actually the most interesting thing about Balance 3D, as in this title you actually get to tackle with one of a kind physics.

balance 3d erapid games review§

We liked the fact that physics do affect the gameplay tremendously, and each level allows you to use different mechanics. All the time you need to be extra careful with the balance, as that does matter a lot, since you are controlling a ball whose movement are unstable by nature. This is why the game is very unpredictable, since nothing is really stable in the game so there are lots of situations in which you have to think out of the box in order to finish the level.

All gameplay is really rewarding and we do like that each level comes with something new into the mix. Levels are also added regularly, so the game does bring quite a lot of content at all times, which is really neat indeed.

There are two screen modes which are really interesting so the game does support a wide range of resolutions. Alongside that, you can even opt for different types of controls. This is where things get to be a little awkward, as the controls aren’t that nicely implemented for now, although the developers are trying to implement a G-sensor controller which is much better. The normal control method which is the two way controller is hard to use and most of the time you will avoid it since it’s hard to use. Moving the finder across the screen and using the arrows or the aforementioned sensor is much easier to do though and literally changes the game experience.

balance 3d erapid games review§

Graphically the game is really neat, thanks to the wonderful Unity engine that does make the whole experience shine. The landscapes are nicely made and overall you will certainly enjoy everything that you see within the game. The sounds are also nicely made as well, although the soundtrack is quite repetitive.

In conclusion, Balance 3D is a very enjoyable game that comes with some awkward controls which are thankfully very customizable. Aside from that, you will have a lot of fun as you try to explore all the options that the game has to offer. From neat, different levels to lots of interesting bonuses, Balance 3D is just a breeze to play, so if you are a fan of skill based games, you will certainly enjoy this one as well.

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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