Battle Cats receives a new major content update

The tower defense game named Battle Cats has had quite an interesting ride since recently, but the great thing about this title is that it’s continually updated with more and more content. Now we have a whole new 50-level update to go through, which manages to add not only a wide range of new levels and content, but at the same time we also get a lot of new enemies as well, enemies that are even more vicious than the ones in the first title.

Battle Cats erapid games news

Battle Cats comes with a very interesting set of levels and at the same time it’s very challenging. The gameplay is surely arbitrary and very fun, which adds up to create an astounding experience. With this new juicy update, the gamers can now enjoy the wonderful User Rank system that has been added in order to differentiate the good players from the great ones. At the same time, a ranking system was necessary because we were waiting for an incentive to come back and play the game, but thankfully the ranking system is exactly what we need, so that’s really cool from their side.

Battle Cats erapid games news

Aside from the new update, the developer has also stated that there are numerous reward campaigns within the game that will reward you with free premium characters and other interesting stuff that you will surely appreciate right from the start. So yes, basically for a very limited time, we can try out some nice and exciting characters, something that truly adds up to the gameplay.

You can get the Battle Cats update right now from Google Play, but if you never tried the game, then this is the best moment to do so. Don’t hesitate and check the game out right now, it’s well worth your time, and the new update makes it even better for sure.

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