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beach buggy racing erapid games review

Beach Buggy Racing – Game Review

Racing games are some of the best experiences that you can find in the gaming world because they just simply are a ton of fun. Beach Buggy Racing is a game that really looks good and offers a wide variety of racing experiences that you will definitely enjoy. The main idea in Beach Buggy Racing is that you will be racing against different drivers, and each one of them will come with its own set of special abilities and personalities, which is really nice.

There are 6 different game modes that you can tackle, each one with its own set of challenges. You also get 12 race tracks that are in 3D, and each one of them brings a certain variety when it comes to the tracks and their look, which is really nice and rewarding as well.

beach buggy racing erapid games review

What we really enjoyed here is that the gameplay is very fun and rewarding, which is certainly one of the best incentives that you can receive to actually play it. From beginning to the end, each race is unique, despite having limited tracks, and that makes you play for more and more, which is definitely interesting.

The power-ups in the game are top of the line, with around 25 of them that provide you with different capabilities. We enjoyed the fact that these aren’t rehashes, instead each power-up comes with its own benefits, and that certainly provides a lot of incentives to play more and more.

Recruiting a team of racers is also possible, and in this way you can literally expand your gaming experience a lot, as you get to provide them with different abilities that will simply work a lot better within a team.

Split-screen multiplayer does exist and even if it isn’t that good, you do have an amazing opportunity to actually play with your friends. Rest assured that this is one of the most memorable moments you can get within the game, so playing it in multiplayer is well worth your time.

beach buggy racing erapid games review

The 3D graphics in this title do shine and offer you with an amazing place to explore as you race. The neat thing here is that the more you race, the more hooked you will be in the game, and that’s one of the main things that we do love about this title in the first place. The soundtrack is stunning as well, with lots of interesting tunes to make it worthwhile.

Overall, we think that Beach Buggy Racing is literally one of the most impressive kart racing games that you can find right now. It looks astonishingly well, and plays just as well, so it’s definitely well worth your time. Being a free title, you might need to pay real money for some items, even if it’s not necessary, but the payment model is good, so overall you get to have a lot of fun without any major restriction. With enough karts to use and lots of tracks, this is one of the best time wasters that you can find right now, so try it!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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