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Beat Sneak Bandit erapid games review

Beat Sneak Bandit – Games Review

Bandits are something that the ruthless economic rules generated, and unfortunately they are one of the major problems of the everyday life. However, there are numerous games that depict bandits and they are quite fun. One of them is Beat Sneak Bandit.

Beat Sneak Bandit is a title in which you need to recover all the clocks that have been stolen by Duke ClockFace. The interesting thing in the game is that you need to use a lot of sneaking in order to get to your target, something that does provide you with a unique and wonderful feel.

The game relies a lot on performing the stealth moves in a rhythmic manner. Controls play a major part in the way you play Beat Sneak Bandit, and these are top notch, very responsive, something that we did like a lot in this title.

Beat Sneak Bandit erapid games review

You need to tap to the beat and sneak. You do need to sneak very fast and against the security guards and numerous other perils that appear in the game. These include security lights for example.

An interesting thing is that you can use trap doors to avoid detection and thus stealing the clocks will be faster. There are numerous contraptions in the game, many of them quite interesting and with a lot of neat features that are well worth exploring.

All levels are filled with puzzles. Some of them are easier to solve, while others require your attention quite a lot if you want to succeed. Listening and then repeating the patterns is the best way to solve each challenge that comes in your way, even though they might bring numerous interesting things!

Beat Sneak Bandit has an interface that is very easy to follow, and, of course, the clocks you need to collect are scattered throughout the levels.

Beat Sneak Bandit erapid games review

The game offers a very good set of graphics that compliment the whole idea and which allow you to explore various levels at your own pace. We like the fact that Beat Sneak Bandit manages to bring us an amazing visual appeal, as this just entices us to play more and more. Simplistic, yet made with style, the graphics in this game are good enough to keep you playing, and the interface is very good as well. All of these combined offer an appealing, interesting and highly interactive game world in which grabbing the clocks is definitely a very important thing.

All in all, we are amazed to see the great gameplay that Beat Sneak Bandit is offering. It might not be the most original game, but it offers a lot of levels and numerous other bonuses that make it worthwhile. We recommend it to anyone, so go ahead and try it out if you want an action packed, strategic game with funky graphics and a good soundtrack!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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