BeatDefense dances its way on Google Play

BeatDefense erapid games news

We’ve seen tons of games until now that engaged rhythm based gameplay, but BeatDefense is a game that tries to take things to the next level. Simply put, this is a game that combines intense destruction and rocket combat with chiptunes. This might seem like a match made in heaven for many gamers, and to be honest it really is, because it manages to combine all those things that were, until now, every hard to reach by the normal gamers.

What you have to do here is to touch the targets that are displayed in the form of white reticles. These touches however need to be in sync with the music, the crazy chiptunes that can be heard in the background at all times.

BeatDefense erapid games news

The esthetics in BeatDefense are amazing despite their blocky appeal, because this way the game manages to stay true to its origins and bring the best possible outcome.

All those pseudo retro graphics in this game entice you to get astounding results and a ton of interesting results that you are bound to appreciate. The gameplay sessions can be recorded from within the game and you can place them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like, which is quite nice to be honest, and a neat change of pace from the normal gameplay.

BeatDefense erapid games news

The music isn’t under a commercial license, instead it’s free of charge and you can find it online. But this does not matter. What matters in BeatDefense is the way the game implements the music with the action packed tapping gameplay. This game is one of the most impressive and truly unique experiences that we could experience in the past few months, and it’s available for free, so everyone can try it out right now!

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