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Bee Leader – Games Review

Although they might not seem that important in the grand scheme of things, bees have a crucial role in nature when it comes to helping plants spread. Bee Leader is a game that allows you to take the role of a bee and its small squad as it tries to fly from flower to flower in order to collect the precious nectar.

The premise of Bee Leader is very simple, as you need to collect as much nectar as you can before the sun will set. The interesting thing here is that the more nectar you can acquire, the more honey you will be able to make. In our opinion, the gameplay is quite generic and not that impressive, but it does manage to provide some interesting twists here and there with the help of some bonuses.

These bonuses include things such as honey, time, nectar as well as some bee buddies that you can acquire as you explore the world. These funny buddies are essential if you want to cover more ground and get impressive results without investing that much time.

Bee Leader erapid games review

We like the fact that Bee Leader has achievements, as this is an essential thing for a game nowadays, and to our surprise the game manages to make a simple thing like gathering nectar highly addictive. Of course, it would have been nice to have multiple missions and quests, but even in this stage, Bee Leader does a great job in bringing you some simple, great fun!

Additionally, we were impressed that the game offers multiple game worlds, in a genre where world repetition is key. You get desert, country life, city inspired levels, an island, London and Climate change. As you would expect, each of these game worlds comes with its own set of challenges, flower types and bonuses that you can acquire, making every experience a very interesting and appealing one. An interesting thing is that world size differs, and because of that you will get different results each time you play, which is quite impressive to say the least.

Controls are simple and we didn’t have a problem with them while playing, but the most important thing here is that Bee Leader offers complete support for Joypad, an app that allows you to remote control your iOS device using another device. So you can use the iPhone as a controller for your iPad, something that works quite nicely and which we liked a lot.

Bee Leader erapid games review

From a graphical standpoint, we consider that Bee Leader does a great job in portraying the game worlds. The characters are also funny and interesting, but the animations are a little stiff and we would like them a little more fluid. Other than that though, the game offers a visual feast on your iOS device.

If you would like to try a free arcade game on your iPhone, then Bee Leader is a great choice. Far from being a genre-turning game, this title does get things right and it provides a simple gameplay that’s very addictive. It’s well worth a try!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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