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Benji Bananas erapid games review

Benji Bananas – Games Review

Help the adorable Benji the monkey swing across marvellous-looking landscapes in this free to play physics-based side-scrolling adventure game by Fingersoft Ltd – Benji Bananas!

To swing, you’ll need to tap (to make Benji jump), hold (to hold) and release (to grab on to the next vine). It may seem simple enough, but it’ll take some time to master. The trick here is to remember to hold whenever you get Benji to the next vine so he won’t fall to his death. Benji can also dive down. You can do this by swiping downward when Benji is in mid-air. This game is a very fast game so your finger and eye coordination must be honed to perfection if you want to go far in the game.

Benji Bananas erapid games review

Benji Bananas is not all mindless tapping though – If you tap and hold when flying in mid-air with no vines to hold on to, then Benji will fall faster to his death instead. Furthermore, here’s a little tip on swinging – if you grab the top part of the long hanging vine, Benji will swing less, but if you were to grab it lower down, Benji will swing more.

As with most side-scrolling and swinging games, timing is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you’ll drop into the swamp, ravines, or other nasty places you don’t want to be in. While swinging from one place to another using the vines, you, of course, have to avoid various obstacles and other dangers, like spiky fruits, slippery snakes, and ferocious tigers. In the jungle, you may even chance upon some assistance in the form of magnets to attract bananas easily, jetpacks to fly up, air balloons for up down movements, air planes, eagles and finally hammocks to bounce Benji higher into the air. Collecting chillies will give you a speed boost too!

Similarly to Temple Run, Benji Bananas is an endless swinging game. However, there’s a slight twist to it – the game provides you with a chain of banana-collecting missions to do. Once you’ve completed a mission, another mission will immediately come along. In other words, the missions are as endless as the game, as long as Benji is still alive.

The bananas you’ve collected (or even real money) can then be used to buy single-use boosts or power-ups at the store. Some examples of single-use boosts include tiger smack, snake oil, extra life and rocket boost. Each boost has its own unique usage. For instance, the tiger smack allows you to stun the tiger, effectively rendering it harmless. Power-ups, like vine fertilizer, wingsuit, swing boost and magnet, can really be helpful when completing some of the more difficult missions as well! Not to mention, you can also give Benji a new look by buying outfits and cosmetics, such as gas mask, Mohawk hair style, bubble dress and Hawaiian outfit, for him as well!

Benji Bananas erapid games review

Last but not least, the graphics in the game is absolutely stunning! The backgrounds, such as the temple ruins, waterfalls and jungles, are all beautifully drawn with crisp outlines and brightly coloured objects. It’s simply amazing!

In short, Benji Bananas is a very entertaining and addictive side-scrolling adventure game. Who doesn’t like swinging an adorable monkey from tree to tree and vine to vine, while trying to survive and collect as many bananas as possible? The game is also entirely free to play and there aren’t any annoying adverts popping up when you least expected it either. Try it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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