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Best Fiends – Games Review

One of the best types of games that will always appeal to the general public is definitely the puzzle and match three games. Best Fiends is a title that successfully manages to combine the two genres in order to provide you with a one of a kind perspective on the way that creates live with each other.

Yes, it might not seem like it, but the game is all about some slugs and the creatures that we control which need to stop them at all costs. These tiny heroes are as cute as they come, but also very brave, so nothing is going to stand in their way as they try to rebuild their world.

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The Best Fiends need to grow and level up in order to become more powerful and engage their enemies. Getting special powers and defeating their challengers is not an easy, in fact the puzzles are very hard to master, which is great to say the least.

We found the puzzles to be nicely designed and the match three gameplay to be one of the best ones that we were able to find. The storyline complements the title nicely, and in the end you get some very impressive results. The main idea here is to try and collect as many friends as possible, as they are the only ones that will help you uncover more and more powers that will come in handy in the long run.

Leveling up your characters is essential, because this way you will be able to engage in even harder levels and overcome the hardest challenges that you can come across. The idea to provide RPG like development to some funny characters is quite unique for the mobile world, and that is why we consider Best Fiends to be a pioneering game from this perspective.

The graphics in Best Fiends are by far the strong point, in fact you can clearly see that a lot of focus has been placed on the creation of funny characters and an appealing game world. Thanks to that, kids and older gamers alike will have a blast and they will actually feel involved in the game quite a lot!

Best Fiends erapid games news

And what’s even more interesting is that the soundtrack successfully manages to complete this and offer you with an appealing set of tunes that you will thoroughly enjoy!

All in all, we were highly impressed by Best Fiends and the longtime value that the title provides. It’s far from being a simple mobile game, instead it’s a stellar attempt to deliver one of the best and most interesting puzzle experiences in the mobile world. It’s cute, fun and hard to master, and we recommend it to anyone that wants to have a good time on an iPhone device.

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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