Bit Dungeon 2 – retro style dungeons

bit dungeon 2 erapid games news

Despite being thought of as very hard and highly challenging, the roguelike games are by far some of the most popular genre in mobile gaming right now. The simple idea that your gameplay sessions will never be the same and the wide range of unique choices have always made roguelikes great, and bit Dungeon 2 is a sheer testament of that. The game makes it easy for you to explore a massive world filled with under forces in which your only target is to put the soul of your loved one to rest, as it has been desecrated.

bit dungeon 2 erapid games news

Since this is a roguelike, each time you die you will have to start all over, an interesting thing that certainly makes you strategizes each move in combat rather than going head first! Permadeath is a great incentive to replay the title as well, since each time you get new content to explore.

Weapons in bit Dungeon 2 are varied, as you get the opportunity to switch between magic, ranged and melee ones. All of them blend seamlessly so you can create a good arsenal that spans over all three categories without too many issues.

Just like in the case of levels, you receive randomly generated items that allow you to customize your character in any way you see fit. And you can rest assured that using these items is essential, mainly because you will have to face enormous bosses that make the whole experience more difficult, action packed and highly intense.

bit dungeon 2 erapid games news

Another good feature comes in the form of an original chip music that brings you even further into the game, something that’s very interesting and unique as well.

While it might not look like much at first, bit Dungeon 2 is a very interesting and highly amusing game. With lots of content and numerous things to do, you can easily play bit Dungeon 2 for dozens and even hundreds of hours on your mobile phone without getting bored. This is why, if you do need your roguelike fix, you have to try bit Dungeon 2 and check out its amazing features and levels. It’s cheap, and you can download it from Google Play right now for around $3.