Blades of Brim comes to Android in the fall

Right now, Blades of Brim is an iOS exclusive and it has done wonders in the box office thanks to the numerous and exciting gameplay opportunities that it offers. The game, at its core, is an endless running experience that manages to bring in a great value for one great price. The title was designed with replayability in mind, because there are multiple heroes which you can use in your quest.

Unlike other endless runners where you just need to avoid stuff, this game is designed to bring in combat. The idea is very simple, you have to focus on killing the enemies by jumping on them.

It requires a lot more interaction when compared to other endless runners, but the gameplay and idea as a whole is pretty much the same, which is really nice and interesting.

Blades of Brim erapid games news

With Blades of Brim you always manage to provide a sense of emergency as a whole. This makes the game more interesting than the normal endless runners, but also a lot harder as well.

What makes this game very interesting is definitely its RPG appeal, as the title was created in order to follow the unique, fun and exciting RPG formula we all know and love. The title comes with online as well as offline gameplay, but at the same time it brings multiple cool features for you to enjoy. It’s a highly refined, fun experience with a lot of content to browse through, so you can rest assured that the experience is well worth your time.

Blades of Brim erapid games news

Since Blades of Brim it’s free of charge, it’s recommended that you give it a shot if you like this genre and own an iOS device. Even if you don’t, Blades of Brim will soon come to Android, with multiple sources pointing towards the fall, and we have to say that the experience is indeed one of a kind!