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Blocky Traffic Racer – Games Review

Do you have the urge to speed up when you’re driving? Well, let your passion for speed out in this fun-filled endless driving simulator, Blocky Traffic Racer! With its well-polished and blocky graphics as well as smooth controls, this is a game that every fan of driving simulation games will definitely enjoy!

To start racing, you’ll first need to choose the vehicle you want to drive! There is quite a range of vehicles that you can choose from. You start with a red truck, but as soon as you gathered enough money, you can buy new vehicles, such as a garbage truck, fire engine, taxi, ambulance and even a police car! You can view your vehicles in 3D, meaning that you can swipe to turn the vehicle in 360 degrees. You can also upgrade the speed, handling and braking of your vehicles by a fixed 5% per upgrade. Best of all, all these vehicles, including the upgrades, are purchasable with in-game money.

In terms of controls, the game does not provide any tutorial to help you out there, but if you know how to drive or have any basic knowledge of driving, well, you’ll easily figure out what the pedals on the bottom left and right side of your screen do! Just in case, you don’t, to accelerate, you’ll need to press the right pedal and to brake, just press the left. Somewhat like driving a real car, you’ll need to keep your finger on the accelerator pedal or your car will slow down. Furthermore, your entire device itself will become your power steering and when you tilt it, the car in the game will do too… very smoothly so! There are other control modes as well for people who don’t like the tilt system, including the analog system or the touch system. Do try them all out to find a control system that suits you!

Blocky Traffic Racer erapid games review

Since this is a racing game, you’ll eventually want to go faster. Once you hit the 100km/hr mark, your vehicle will be considered to be at “high speed”. This means that you can drive past other vehicles on the road close enough to earn yourself some bonus coins! However, the game doesn’t force you to drive fast. If you prefer, you could choose to drive slowly and steadily instead of fast and furious. Just bear in mind that the overall objective in this game is to be able to go the furthest and to earn as much coins as you can.

The game starts off really easy at first, but soon you’ll encounter traffic and other obstacles like overhead bridges that block your view of your vehicle. Furthermore, similarly to driving in real life, there will be other inexperienced drivers on the road who may suddenly brake in panic when you’re following a car too closely. The cars may also switch lanes (with the indicator signal on), forcing you to swerve to avoid them too.

Blocky Traffic Racer erapid games review

Block traffic racer is a rather forgiving game. If you bump into another vehicle at low speed, your vehicle will be fine. However, if you rammed into another car’s backside at high speed, it’s game over for you. Though, it may be great to see some animated effects of the crash. The best part in this game is definitely the car horn. There’s an inconspicuous “light bulb” button on the left where you can use your vehicle’s horn and when you honk at other vehicles, they even react! Awesome, right?

In short, Blocky Traffic Racer is a very addictive and fun game that will definitely test how steady your hands are. It is not the sort of game you’ll want to play – not at least in “tilt mode” – during a bumpy road trip, but you’ll surely have some truly fun times with this game!

e-Rapid Games rate: 9/10

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