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Bomb Squad – Games Review

Punch, bomb and throw your way to victory in this excitingly fun action/arena game – Bomb Squad!

This game has some fairly easy-to-learn controls, although they may seem complicated at first. The left side of your screen is reserved for movement while the right side of your screen has 4 of your action buttons – punch, pick up, jump and bomb. Do note that bombs can hurt your character as well, so don’t forget to throw them far away from you before the fuse runs out. There’s actually a fifth action, the ‘run’ action that can be triggered by holding any of the 4 action buttons down. If you have any trouble with learning the controls, there’s a tutorial game that you can play to familiarise yourself before heading into the actual game.

Once you get the basics out of the way, you may want to learn some of the special combo moves that you can do. For instance, you may want to spin around (do circular motions using your movement controls) while punching your opponents. Not only you can deal much more damage that way, you can avoid getting hit in the face too! Furthermore, you can throw bombs further by doing the ‘whiplash’ manoeuvre by spinning and throwing your bombs as well!

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Bomb Squad features a variety of game modes and types that you can enjoy! For game modes, the game offers 1-4 player co-ops, a solo campaign (on easy or hard difficulty), challenges, tournaments, as well as 2- to 8-player, team-based and free-for-all PvP matches. Each game may consist of several rounds and you’ll need to survive all of them to win! All of these game modes can be played for free, except for tournaments. Tourneys will require tickets which you can earn by waiting for an hour (you’ll get 40 tickets per hour) or by watching video adverts. These tickets can also be used in the store to buy new characters or unlock more maps and mini-games.

There are a huge range of fast-paced game types that you can play in Bomb Squad too! You can team up against the AI or other players in arenas. There is also a capture-the-flag type of game that is played on an arena that resembles a rugby field. Snatch the flag from the middle of the field, dodge any attacks, or bombs, that came your way and touch the flag down at the end of the field. After all, sports are much more entertaining with explosives! You can even compete in the other mini-games in Bomb Squad that ranges from racing to flying to even hockey!

bomb squad erapid games review

In the game, you are also given plenty of power-ups that you can collect to give your character a significant boost. Some power-ups, like the boxing glove, can boost your (punching) damage while some, like the energy-shield, have a more defensive capability and will be able to absorb a bit of damage so your character won’t have to! There are boosts that will modify how your bombs work too. One of these boosts can even change your bomb into a land mine or an ice bomb! You can collect med-packs that will restore your character to full health as well!

The icon on the app may not look as inviting, but trust me when I say Bomb Squad will be one of the wittiest and light-hearted game that you’ve ever played! Get your friends to join in the fun as well – after all, the more the merrier… and of course, you can complete objectives much faster and easier! Get it for free today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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