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boom beach strategy game review erapid

Boom Beach – Game Review

Supercell is one of the major mobile game developers and their strategy game Clash of Clans has literally become a cult hit thanks to its great gameplay and numerous strategic opportunities that it provides. Recently Boom Beach has been released and it stays true to the original formula of the game, although this time you will start with a simple island base and the main objective here is to explore it and expand your success here.

You need to free the islands and build, upgrade ships and also get a hold of their resources, which are vital for anyone that wants to play. Moreover some of the islands can be conquered time and time again which can provide a good range of resources just under your fingertips.

boom beach strategy game review erapid

Base building is really nice and it does add a lot of depth because it requires you to place essential buildings, gather resources and so on. All of these combined will help you create a base that’s really hard to attack, and that’s certainly what you want in such a situation.

We found the combat to be really good and fast paced most of the time, which is definitely amazing for a mobile game where strategy is the main focus.

It’s really nice that Boom Beach is actually friendly with new players and the tutorial sequence is quite good, allowing you to get a quick grasp of everything that the game has to offer.

The gameplay is very streamlined, which we found really nice, but the problem here comes that the freemium stuff does appear. This means that you do have to pay real money to get the currency and use it to upgrade buildings faster, and that can give you a lot more advantage in battle. This might be a downside, but on the other hand you can also play this game without having to pay anything, which is ok.

boom beach strategy game review erapid

Combat usually takes place only in those situations in which you explore new regions or when the conquered islands are retaken. The game however does seem to be more rewarding in smaller, frequent sessions instead of playing for hours on end.

There isn’t that much social integration in the game, which is not a bad thing but that might affect some players unfortunately.

Boom Beach is a very easy to approach game, highly balanced and it even offers a lot of depth, which is a nice thing to have in a strategy game. We found Boom Beach to be one of the funniest, approachable and easy to play strategy games that you can find. We definitely recommend it to anyone that wants a solid gameplay experience with various strategic options and a lot of depth. If you want to experience a catchy gameplay that will keep you playing for hours and hours, then Boom Beach is definitely a great option!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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