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Brothers In Arms 3 erapid games review

Brothers In Arms 3 Sons of War – Games Review

Brothers In Arms 3 is a free to play third person shooter game for Android and iOS platform. Instead of being a first person shooter, a third person shooter (TPS) in fact gives you a better overall view of the whole team in action!

In this game, you are a soldier in the European theatre of war in World War II, specifically in the locale of France and Germany. There are six campaigns to complete each divided into several very short missions. This is especially suitable for those of us playing the game to past the time.

It’s time to roll out! On your feet, soldier! The enemies are advancing and you must bring the battle back to them! The game starts off with a quick tutorial. Controls consist of the basic virtual on-screen joysticks – one on the left for movements and another one on the right side of the screen for aiming and shooting.

Brothers In Arms 3 erapid games review

The game is linear in nature and you have to proceed in a given path. There is no such thing as flanking to outmanoeuvre your enemies. You move forward to claim strategic positions and attack the enemy head on. Take cover (anything waist-high barriers will do) to dodge strong attacks and prepare to strike back. After firing your weapon, it is advisable to duck back to safety – you wouldn’t want to get caught out in the open, would you? As a word of advice though, combat isn’t just about charging ahead. Sniping and stealth operations as well as defence can still win the battle for you!

Always count on your brothers! You are given a squad to command namely 12 brothers, each with unique abilities to call on in the heat of battle. The abilities include calling of air strikes, expertise in explosives, sniping, machine gunner, mortar and many others. Plan your mission and select the most appropriate brothers for the job since you can only bring X brothers into a battle. To get more brothers in arms, you will need to complete certain missions to unlock them.

Brothers In Arms 3 erapid games review

Getting your gear and squad upgraded is necessary for you to be able to proceed into later missions as it gets tougher. The enemies you face in later battles are both smart and powerful, so you have to adapt and improve to survive. This is where the in-app purchases come in handy! However, if you are patient enough, you can avoid the in-app purchases as there are enough content in the free-to-play side of the game, namely the side missions, for you to earn some money. After each mission, you can go to the shop to get new weapons, consumables, squad brothers or bundles of things needed for your upcoming missions.

Graphically, there aren’t any complaints in that department. As with all games by Gearbox software and Gameloft, graphics is their forte. Though, there is one really cool effect that I particularly like in this game – the slow motion effect of your kill shot. You are able to actually observe your bullet flying in slow motion towards your target. It’s really cool!

To wrap it all up, Brothers In Arms 3 Sons of War is an excellently-developed and fun TPS game that doesn’t feel like a pay-to-win at all. The game features beautiful and realistic graphics with a theme that is set in the WWII era as well as a challenging yet unique gameplay. So, don’t wait, soldier! Download it today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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