Bubble Blaze – Dragon Balls!

Bubble Blaze erapid games review

Bubble Blaze – Games Review

Blackheart is one big meanie – he stole the dragon eggs and refused to return them to Blaze the dragon. This is where you come in! Help poor Blaze to retrieve all the dragon eggs as you all hunt Blackheart down in Bubble Blaze!

What you need to do in Bubble Blaze is to complete the objectives given to you. Since there are many game modes, there is a variety of objectives. Most of them consist of games that have limited moves while some of them present a tougher challenge by requiring you to free the trapped dragon eggs from their surrounding bubbles. There is also a speed round, whereby you are given a limited amount of time and bubbles to clear the entire level of bubbles!

The controls in this game are very simple to learn, but can be rather tough to master! To shoot, you just need to draw the crossbow string back (press, hold and drag), aim by moving your shooter left or right and well, release it to launch the bubble! You will need to complete matches of 3 or more bubbles of the same colour in order to pop them and earn points. There will also be times when the bubble you’re given is not the colour you need, you can easily swap the current bubble for the next one by tapping on Blaze.

Bubble Blaze erapid games review

The bubble formations start off easy, but soon, you’ll need to learn the art of bouncing bubbles off the walls to accurately hit your target from the sides! Getting the right angle to bounce the bubble can be rather difficult. You’ll definitely miss and hit somewhere else a couple of times. If you did too many misses, you may fail a level and lose a life. Lives will regenerate over time, but you could buy them with real money if you cannot wait. Don’t get discouraged whenever you lose a life though! With plenty of practise, I’m sure you can master this game!

If you managed to score consecutive shots, you will be able to summon dragon pups that will boost your score. How? Whenever you finish a level with plenty of leftover bubbles, the extra bubbles will turn into bonus jewels and fall down on to the dragon pups. Every time the jewel hit the dragons, each jewel will gain a 2x score boost (Don’t worry, the jewels don’t hurt them). Then, tilt your device to guide the jewels into the pots at the very bottom. Different pots will give you different amount of points, with the middle pot having the highest score of 1000 while the pots closest to the edge of your device giving out only 100 points per jewel. It is, of course, best to pop the weakest link in the chain of bubbles so that you can bring down large chunks of bubbles, which will, of course, turn into bonus jewels and earn you even more points!

Bubble Blaze erapid games review

Bubble Blaze also offers boosts, such extra bubbles and extra time, to help you get through the more challenging levels. The most useful boosts among the lot are definitely the fireball and long line. Fireball can burn through 5 bubbles while long line extends your crossbow’s aiming line. You can even compare high scores with your Facebook friends if you linked the game to your Facebook account.

Like feeling the satisfaction of scoring a tricky shot and bringing down huge clumps of bubbles? Come and pop colourful bubbles in this exciting new bubble shooter/puzzle game, Bubble Blaze today!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8.5/10

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