Bust-A-Move Islands receives an Android version

Bust-A-Move Islands erapid games news

The Bust-A-Move series has always been a very interesting one since it allows us to play some great bubble shooting levels which are seamlessly combined with a stellar match 3 shooting experience that stands out. Bust-A-Move Islands manages to offer an interesting and amusing gameplay since it brings a wide range of themes that you can explore, as well as a ton of cute characters that you will enjoy.

Bust-A-Move Islands erapid games news

The whole idea in Bust-A-Move Islands is to aim your bubbles to the others located in the game world and get down the necessary items. In true bubble shooting fashion, the game starts off easy but it immediately manages to get even harder. In Bust-A-Move Islands you can find a ton of levels to play and you will definitely appreciate them. It’s fun and cute to play such a game, especially since the characters are so unique and different from what you see most of the time.

Bust-A-Move Islands provides you with more than 200 different stages that you can play as you see fit, and the best part about it is that you can actually invite friends to play with you and see who gets the best scores. Leaderboards are included, and these change daily, which is very interesting as they provide a lot of appeal.

Bust-A-Move Islands erapid games news

With the help of numerous unlocks, special powers and cute characters, Bust-A-Move Islands provides you with just about everything you need in order to spend a lot of time playing. This is a perfect game to play while on the go, and you will enjoy every moment of it. You can get the game for free right now on Google Play!

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