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Butcher Goes Vegan erapid games review

Butcher Goes Vegan – Games Review

Help the poor animals escape from the greasy grasps of the butchers in this exciting endless hopping game, Butcher Goes Vegan!

To play, you just need to tap to get your starter character, Spotty the Cow, jumping upwards between 2 walls. By controlling the speed of your tapping, you’ll get to control the speed of your character’s progress upwards. By slowing your tapping, you can have better control to dodge butchers and obstacles.

You can also release your hold in order to let your character drop down a little, just enough to grab that red gem or to avoid being captured by the outstretched hands of the butchers that lined the walls. In many situations though, you can tap as fast as you can to dodge lots of butchers and obstacles in one brief moment.

Butcher Goes Vegan erapid games review

Furthermore, since your character automatically moves from side to side, when your character hits the wall on, for example, the left side, it will automatically be turned around and start hopping towards the other side of the wall (which in this case, is the right wall). In other words, your character will be zig-zagging its way upwards while collecting as many gems as you can and survive the butcher’s knife!

Butcher Goes Vegan also provides 3 kinds of power-ups that you can buy at the store using the gems you’ve collected in the game. One example of the booster available is the “Shoot’em all” boost, whereby your character will don a pair of sunglasses in the Men-in-Black style and start shooting at the evil butchers. There’s even a karate booster that allows your character to karate chop the mean butchers to oblivion!

To use these power-ups, you can just touch the button at the lower right corner of the screen. You can also upgrade your power-ups in terms of extending its duration and increasing the number of times the power-up can be used in a game.

Butcher Goes Vegan erapid games review

Besides power-ups, Butcher Goes Vegan offers quite a variety of animal characters for you to unlock as well! These characters, such as Pinky the pig, Chica the chick, Fur ball the sheep, Tofurkey the turkey and even a mystery animal (find out yourself!), can be unlocked once you’ve reached a certain level in the game. For example, Pinky will only be unlocked when you manage to reach floor 50, while for Chica, you’ll need to reach level 110.

Interestingly, the game provides lots of fun facts about how going vegan is the way to go as well as quotes from famous people to love and save the farm animals. Butcher Goes Vegan even has a section whereby you can donate money to various “save the animals” campaigns, organizations and foundations. In return, you’ll get bonus gems in the game. It’s a win-win situation!

In a nutshell, Butcher Goes Vegan is a very fun and educational arcade game that will definitely be able to occupy hours of your free time! Who knows? After reading about all the cruelty we humans let our farm animals go through, perhaps you may even consider converting into a vegetarian, or better, a vegan instead!

e-Rapid Games rate: 7.5/10

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