Candris – unusual way to connect dots and tetris

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Candris – Games Review

Match three games have always posed a lot of challenges to gamers as they usually come with an increase in difficulty as you go through levels. At some point they become so hard that you will simply stop playing the game. The same can’t be said about Candris though, as this is a one of a kind game that successfully manages to combine the idea of Tetris and match three games into a single package which, interestingly enough, works really well and it provides you with all the excitement that you might want from such a small game.

candris puzzle game erapid games review

Your whole objective in this simple game is to drag the bricks right and left in order to create horizontal or vertical matches. The bricks fall just like in a Tetris game, but once they are falling you are engaged in a one of a kind match three title where you need to figure out the best placement of all these items just to get the highest score that you possibly can.

You do have the option to slide the bricks down if they aren’t fast enough, and this can easily change up the gameplay, since it will basically speed up the gameplay tremendously, something that is really hard to do.

Overall, we found the gameplay provided by Candris to be quite interesting and unique, despite its similarities with the games listed above. It’s a solid experience especially for those people that just want to play something casual and interesting as they go to school or work.

Moreover, you have the ability to compete with your friends in order to get the highest score you possibly can, and this will always entice you to play more and more as you get higher in the leaderboards. The incentive to defeat your friends as you play is more than enough to make you try and get the best score you can over and over.

candris puzzle game erapid games review

The music in Candris is quite catchy and interesting. Many casual gamers will actually love it so much they will actually play the game from time to time just to listen to the catchy tunes that Candris provides.

Graphically, Candris goes with the minimalist approach which we think it does really well for the game. Everything looks really nice, the animations are very fluid and overall your whole game experience will be a very interesting one.

In the end, we found Candris to be a unique and very interesting game that does combine two different game genres into a single one, with complete success we might say. We like the gameplay, sounds and even the minimalist graphics style, so if you are a fan of casual games that will challenge you quite a lot as you play, then we do recommend that you take a look at Candris right away!

e-Rapid Games rate: 8/10

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