Candy Crush Saga – get ready to play

candy crush saga e-rapid games review

Candy Crush Saga – Game Review

It’s a game that has taken everyone by surprise-moms, grandmothers, teenagers and kids alike-everyone is playing it! Yes, we’re talking about Candy Crush Saga! Initially released only on Facebook, the match-three puzzle game quickly rose to become the most popular game of the website. It was later released on iOS and Android and is developed by “”.

Like every good game, Candy Crush Saga carries a story too. In this game, you play along with Tiffi and Mr. Coffee in their quest to explore the Candy Kingdom. On passing 50 levels, you transition to the “Dreamworld” where you escape reality and now play with an Owl named Odus.

candy crush saga e-rapid games review

Speaking of the gameplay, it is fairly simple making the game easy to play for anyone. Like many of the match-three games out there, such as 7 Wonders of The World, all you have to do is horizontally or vertically align three or more candies of the same type. However, the developers of Candy Crush Saga have done an excellent job at keeping the game from becoming redundant by adding different objectives to levels. These objectives can include completing levels in certain times or moves, reaching a certain score, having to wipe off a certain type of candy and getting ingredients to the bottom of the board. Levels are made progressively hard by adding elements such as unmovable blocks, fixed blocks, bombs and even multi-layered blocks.

candy crush saga e-rapid games review

The game’s levels are spread out into “episodes”, the first two including 10 levels each and the rest having 15 each. However, after episode three, the players must receive 3 “tickets” from their Facebook friends to unlock the next level.

There are all sorts of delicious candies included in the game, the standard being the red jelly bean, green chiclets, yellow lemon drops, blue lollipop and orange lozenge. Although, a few special candies can be created by a combination of certain candy types. These special candies also have special powers such as the ability to clear entire rows or groups of candies off the game board.

Candy Crush Saga is not only a game but quite largely a social experience as well. The game has seamless social integration. So much so, that the real aim of the game becomes beating your friends’ scores and leveling up before them.

Like many of the popular smartphone games, Candy Crush Saga uses a freemium policy to earn for itself. This essentially means it is free but earns through in-app purchases. This is the only aspect of the game that gets a bit annoying as spending real-money gives you an unfair advantage

candy crush saga e-rapid games review

All in all, Candy Crush Saga is a fine game to play. It is an excellent game to pass the time and stay entertained, which justifies it 4.5/5 rating on the App Store. It adds a lot of features to keep the player engaged. A must-download!

e-Rapid Games Rate: 9.5/10