Captain Sabertooth brings in pirate coolness to Google Play

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Let’s face it, for years now we wanted to play the role of a pirate in games. The reason behind that is pirate life brings in a ton of fun, and it’s just really cool to begin with. You had numerous games like this on PC and console, but Captain Sabertooth is really something different, as it showcases the uniqueness of mobile gaming in a way that you never saw or expected.

Captain Sabertooth erapid games android news

Right off the bat you will see that there’s a challenge to it all, and that is to find all the rings in the collection of this prized captain. At the same time, you also have to engage your enemies and take up the treasure they have on their ships, thus having a lot of fun in the process. You can upgrade your boat in any way you want, be it with faster sails, a better hull or you can even acquire more cannons, it’s all up to you but the choices are real and you can make them at any given time without hassle.

There are messages in a bottle scattered all over the game world, and these can lead you to even more treasures and a wide range of other cool items. You can purchase charts and scour new seas as well, but in order to do that you need to steal coins form the enemies.

Captain Sabertooth erapid games android news

You get only 2 difficulty settings in the game, and these are quite different, so even if you finish the game as a first timer, you will have a lot of fun continuing the game as a real pirate, with new challenges.

Overall, Captain Sabertooth is a great pirate game, and you can get it right now on Google Play for $3.52. It’s not much, considering the replay value that the title has!

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